Tattoo Removal

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Tattoo Removal here at Nuskin Laser Solutions, is one of our best offerings to get you feeling confident in your own skin again! We know that mistakes happen and regrets are hard to ignore, so that is why we offer a permanent solution. 

What is it?

Selective absorption of very high power peak laser light pulses applied to the tattooed area causes targeted ink particles to break down without damaging surrounding tissue. Thereafter, the body metabolizes these particles and carries them away from the skin. Overall, treatments are quick and effective, causing only mild to moderate discomfort with minimal to no side effects. To make the procedure even more tolerable, we use the Zimmer Chiller, which blows extreme cold air on the treatment sites. 

The number of treatments depends on the type of tattoo, the colors and depth of the ink in the skin as well as the tattoo’s placement, and the length of time since it was applied. Clients who intend to re-ink the area may only need 2-5 treatments. Complete removal of a professionally applied tattoo usually requires 6-15 treatments. Amateur tattoos usually need 3-10 treatments. Multi-Colored tattoos, especially those with lighter colored inks, may require more treatments. Certain pigments and inks are harder to erase than others, but the majority of colors can be removed, including black, blue, green, brown, red and even sky blue.






Target Areas

Full Body 

Treatment Duration

30 Minutes


Small - 3 Inches

Medium - 5 Inches

Large - 9 Inches


start your journey toward a more beautiful you.


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