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Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal at Nuskin Laser Solutions is our most popular service that we provide! Our Laser Hair Removal machines are not overly painful, most patients compare it to being snapped by a rubber band. But the laser shoots a cooling spray before each pulse that protects the skin and provides pain relief.

What is it?

The machine works by selectively concentrating light energy on the hair follicle, destroying its blood supply and leaving the surrounding skin unchanged. Hair grows in cycles of active and dormant states. When it’s in an active state, the laser targets the dark pigmented hair in the follicle. Hairs in a dormant state are not targeted until they become active again. This growth cycle explains why treatments are provided in intervals of approximately 4-to-8 weeks.

To prepare for Laser Hair Removal you should…

Avoid sun exposure prior to and after treatment. Stop all light-sensitive medications/antibiotics 14 days prior to treatment. Some medications require a 6-12 month wait. Stop bleaching, waxing, plucking or pulling the hair out of the follicle prior to treatment. Shaving is the only acceptable method of hair removal. Shave and clean the area. The treatment area must be clean, free of deodorants and lotions.





No Sun Exposure 2 weeks after treatment

Target Areas

Full Body 

Treatment Duration

15-60 Minutes


X-Large: Front Upper Body, Full Back Extension, Full Legs

Large: Chest, Abs, Full Back, Full Arms, Half Legs

Medium: Full Face, Half Arms, Brazilian/Bikini, Buttocks, Inner Thighs, Underarms

SmallForehead, Glabella, Ears, Cheeks, Upper Lip, Chin, Hands, Areola, Abline, Feet

A package may only be applied to one (1) area. For example, if you purchase a package of "6 Sessions | Medium" and use your first session on inner thighs, you may use the rest of your sessions for that package to inner thighs only.
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