Breaking Down CoolScultping: Does It Actually Work?

March 31, 2021

belly with measuring tape

CoolSculpting has been rising in popularity lately because of its effects on patients. It eliminates pockets of fat, sculpting the body into a more fit and toned appearance. 

The before-and-after pictures on the internet have triggered some heavy speculation about the procedure. Instead of reading comments in support or skeptical about the procedure, it is best to find out what it does for yourself by reading credible sources. Here is what you need to know about CoolSculpting, according to the experts.

What CoolSculpting Does to your Body

CoolSculpting is a fat-freezing body sculpting method officially called cryolipolysis. It aims to get rid of stubborn parts of the body that won’t tone on their own. The FDA approved the procedure in 2010, so it is entirely safe.

What You Can Expect

Body sculpting is not the same as eliminating fat. This should never be promoted as a quick weight loss solution. It is a non-invasive procedure that eliminates fat pockets that linger on the body even after removing them. 

Not everyone is a good candidate for CoolSculpting simply because they do not fit the standards for it. Consult your doctor to find out if you qualify for this procedure. If they think a couple of crunches is what you need, then you can save the money and do more every day. But if you’ve tried everything and the fat pockets are still there, then you can head to the clinic for a well-deserved body sculpt. 

What You Shouldn’t Assume

The effects of this body contouring procedure are not instant, so don’t assume that you’ll come out of the clinic with the results you see on posters. The results take a while to come through, and it may even swell a bit after. But before you complain to your doctor, take some time to rest, heal, and hydrate, and you’ll see the results in days. If you take a photo before and compare it after, you’ll notice the difference.

This procedure is also not a ten-minute session. It may take an hour or two to get rid of every fat pocket you have. Not all bodies are the same, so the more work there needs to be done for you, the longer the procedure might take. Be sure to clear your schedule for the rest of the day.

Maintaining the Effects of CoolSculpting

It is most recommended that you rest and hydrate right after the procedure. While healing, you can still go on to doing your favorite activities and continue eating healthy. 


While CoolSculpting improves your body’s shape and appearance, it is not considered a weight-loss procedure. If you’re someone who is accustomed to a proper diet and exercise but has loose ends or creases in your body that just can’t be toned by exercise, then you are a perfect candidate for this procedure. But if there’s still some weight that you need to lose, that’s okay too. Once you find yourself in a reasonable build, you can certainly give CoolSculpting a try.

Most esthetic procedures are best done with professionals handling them for you. If you’re curious enough to try CoolSculpting in Suffern, New York, then head down to Nu-Skin Laser Solutions. We are a clinic full of body and skincare experts who offer CoolSculpting, laser hair removal, skincare facials, and more. Set an appointment today!


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